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Banff Bear Bed And Breakfast Suite

A den in the mountains.

Please Note

    We hope that you have a great stay at Banff Bear Bed and Breakfast. While you are with us we would like you to note:-
  • We do not require payment on booking. Payment is requested 35 - 40 days prior to the arrival date, with no refund if you cancel within 30 days of the arrival date.
  • Non payment of that request will result in cancellation of the booking at the 30 day point. (Guests are welcome to pay earlier if they wish).
  • The property is a smoke free environment.
  • Though we love them, we can not allow pets in the bed and breakfast (the next occupant may have allergy issues). For those with extreme allergy issues please be advised that your hosts do have two, friendly, dogs in the main house and the yard.
  • If you have arrived by car then, once unloaded, you must use the guest parking spaces at the rear (it is a condition of our B & B license).
  • Please refrain from excessive noise after 11pm.
  • Unless you are renting both rooms then no guests are allowed (even then no overnight guests are permitted).
  • Check in is 4.30 - 6pm and check out is by 11am. If you are scheduled to arrive at a time outside of normal check in let us know by email in the days before. We will make sure that we are in (we live upstairs) to show you the facilities, the parking and the access code etc.
  • If you create more garbage than the kitchen bin can hold please use a black bin liner from the kitchenette cupboard and leave in the hallway. Do not put it outside, it is against the rules of the Park.
  • On that theme. If you are eating or drinking outside, please bag garbage and bring it in before you go to bed.